fingergraphics design terms and conditions 2010
1 Finger Graphics will not undertake any work until the client has agreed to and acknowledged the terms and conditions.
2 Finger Graphics will not undertake any work until the client has approved the quotation.

Finger Graphics will provide you with the services set out in your confirmed quotation. Only those services mentioned will be provided by Finger Graphics and any amendments, additions, or schedule changes must be agreed to in writing.


Finger Graphics takes no responsibility for any errors once the content and copy has been approved by the client. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure all content and copy is correct. All final copy must be approved by the client.

5 You must pay all charges as set out in the quotation. Cost estimates are only valid for a period of 30 days.
6 You will remain liable for all fees during any period when services have been discontinued or suspended due to a failure on your part to comply with these terms and conditions.
7 You must pay Finger Graphics charges without any set off, counter claim or deduction unless same is agreed in writing between us.
8 No final artwork or files will be delivered until final invoices are paid in full. Payment by cheque will entail waiting for clearance before supply of files. Delivery being: Supply of final artwork digital files to printer, on disk, via email or uploaded to nominated ISP. Construction files remain the property of Finger Graphics unless arranged otherwise.
9 All terms conditions, warranties, undertakings inducements and representations, whether express or implied, statutory or otherwise relating to the provision of services by Finger Graphics not contained in the Agreement are excluded and Finger Graphics WILL NOT ACCEPT LIABILITY FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE (INCLUDING CONSEQUENTIAL LOSS OR DAMAGE) HOWEVER CAUSED (WHETHER BY NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE) WHICH MAY BE SUFFERED OR INCURRED OR WHICH MAY ARISE DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY with respect to the service.
10 Where Finger Graphics lodges mail on your behalf, Fingers is not responsible in any way for the performance of Australia Post is merely acting as your agent. Australia Post’s terms & conditions apply to all postage. Mail lodged or money paid to Australia Post on your behalf will incur a penalty of 20% p/a if not paid within agreed payment terms (as noted on invoice).